Project Description:
Started in May 2006 with funding from the International Union Against Cancer (UICC) and sanofi-aventis, the 9 -bed ASHIC PCU is the first facility in Bangladesh to offer on-site palliative care to incurably ill cancer children, while also providing moral support to the grieving parents.

The PCU uses the innovative approach of training the parents in methods of palliative care so that they may best care for their child in the comforts of their own homes in far-flung villages. In conjunction, doctors, nurses and social workers are developed to create a supportive local network in the communities where the families reside.

Given how well catered the program is to the needs of Bangladesh, the PCU model of creating self-sustaining local networks to spread the use of palliative care in a developing country has been showcased internationally at several conferences.

History with Spaadnab Austin events:

Funding of US$ 4,500 was sent to the ASHIC PCU for 2010. In addition to help in supporting operational costs, the money was also used to purchase a number of capital equipment for the center. 

Organization Description:

ASHIC Foundation for Childhood Cancer improves the quality of life for children living with cancer in Bangladesh through hope, physical and emotional support, and advocacy for early detection, improved treatment and social acceptance.

Started by the Choudhury family after the tragic loss of their 3 year old Ashiq, since its inception in 1994, ASHIC has established itself as a leader in pediatric cancer care in the region, introducing several innovative programs in the context of the country’s needs. It serves as a touch point for childhood cancer from the time they are diagnosed to the time they become heroes – in this life or the next.

ASHIC’s focus areas are:

Advocacy (Newsletters, rallies, awareness campaigns)
Serving medical needs (PCU, ASHIC clinic – under construction)
Focused family support (ASHIC Shelter, Sponsor-a-Child, Counseling sessions, Outing Programs)
Nurtured Childhood (Play Center, Fulfill-a-Wish)

ASHIC differentiates and prides itself on its accountability to its donors and other stakeholders. For further information on its history and programs, please visit:

You may make a donation to ASHIC Foundation through SpaandanB Austin. You can make a general donation to the Foundation or specify which project you want to support in the notes section during checkout. The following table provides guidelines. 

Project Name Monthly Requirements Annual Requirements
Palliative Care Unit
Quality end-of-life care
$250 $3,000
Supports maintenance treatment for children with good prognosis
$30/ child $360/child
ASHIC Shelter
20-bed Accommodation facility for out-of-town families getting treatment in Dhaka
$1,400/ month
Play Center
Play centers at Dhaka Medical College Hospital, Chittagong Medical College Hospital, Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College Hospital
$200/center/month $2,400/center
Outing Program
Taking the families to Fantasy Kingdom once a week; give time away from pain and treatment
$200/month $2,400
Counseling session for parents
$100/month $1,200
Patient Service
Fulfilling wishes, cravings and desires
Limitless Limitless

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