Project Description:
In the cruel reality of some slum areas in Bangladesh where surviving is the only goal for many poor families, where poverty, hunger, disease, and crime are the facts of life, education is the last thing that many parents think about for their kids. Parents would rather make their young kids do some money earning work than sending them to school.

Education for kids is almost like a like dream to them…a dream that they can’t afford to pursue. It is with this mission of giving courage to parents and kids to dream again and to realize those dreams, Swapnadhara (pronounced Shopno Dhora) Pathshala started its journey in 2006 in Duaripara slum area in Mirpur, Dhaka.

Presently there are 170 students, 4 teachers, and 1 administrator. They offer two very basic classes to slum kids before starting grade level education. This school has been running with donations from different sources. The current donation support is not adequate for this growing school where the number of students nearly doubled every year.

SpaandanB Austin is financially supporting this project and thankful to University of Texas Bengali Student Association for being one of the sponsors.

Organization Description:

Sagorika Das,
President & Founding Member
Swapnadhara Pathshala
West Duari Para, Pallabi, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216
Cell: 0191-449-4682