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The residents in the southern coastal areas do not have access to drinkable and safe water. In the last decade, the residents of the coastal belt like Satkhira, Khulna have been using pond water which is deposited from rainwater and it is not safe for drinking. Other than water-borne diseases, the underground water is salty and contaminated from excess Iron, Arsenic, Magnesium, Calcium among other minerals. The underground water has excess salinity and over the limit Total Dissolved Solids (TDS 16000 ppm, – 3500 is drinkable) and has not improved over the years. About 50 thousand children die every year in the coastal belt due to waterborne diseases.
Rotary Club of Dhaka will be installing 7 Pre-Filter with Nanotech/RO-based “Cluster Mini Water Treatment Plants ( CMWTP )” along with a low head Sub-Deep tube well in 7 different locations of Shatkhira, Khulna.

Each of the 7 Plants has the following highlights:
Uses Reverse osmosis
Submersible pump collectes salty water
24 hours water available
1500 ltr per hour
3000 people per day
Appx cost $13,500

SpaandanB Austin will raise funds and sponsor 1 of the 7 locations. Location will be selected later.

The seven villages have a total population of 34455. The source of safe drinking water is either harvested rainwater or bought water from the other side of the river. Rainwater is collected during monsoon season and serves 6 to 7 months of rationed drinking. Buying water is not only unaffordable, but it is difficult to carry from the boat station to the individual homes.
Rotary Club of Dhaka has done a pilot project in one of the villages in the coastal area. The initial survey was conducted in late 2020. Rotary Club of Dhaka installed a Pre-Filter with Nanotech/RO-based “Cluster Mini Water Treatment Plant ( CMWTP )” along with a low head Sub-Deep tube well. This project was especially designed for energy-efficient Nano & RO filtration systems, which is a smart solution for removal of High TDS and Salinity or Mineral contamination like Arsenic, Iron, and others.
The project was a great success and had a big impact on the livelihood of the residents.
The water test level measured Before-treatment: TDS 16000 ppm, Iron 5 ppm, salinity 5.
The water test level measured After-treatment: TDS-400ppm, Iron- less than 0.5ppm, Salinity-0.3
With this experience, the Rotary Club of Dhaka is planning to establish similar plants in 7 different villages where people still suffer from daily drinking water.

Budget Details: (Initial expenses, recurring expenses, maintenance expenses)
Total Cost $13,500 (includes everything like Pump, osmosis, Shed etc) BDT 1140000/-
01. Sub-Deep Tube-well Max 90 Meter :BDT.150000/-
02. CMWTP Filtration System :BDT.600000/-
03. Water reserve Tank :BDT.30000/-
04. CMWTP Plant Shed Construction :BDT.150000/-
05. Electrification meter, Cable, Connection :BDT.30000/-
06. Two years maintenance cost :BDT.150000/-
07. Goods Carrying, Installation, Transportation :BDT.30000/-

Following are the location of project sites.
Rotary Club of Satkhira Royal has conducted a need assessment and spoke to the people who have committed themselves to be the local contact amongst the beneficiaries in the villages.
1. Village Chuna is under Buri Goalini Union of Shamnagar Upazila. Contact person: Md. Abdul Mannan, Contact 01917550808. There are 255 families with a population of approximately 1500.
2. Village Datin Gani is in the same Buri Goalini. Contact person: Mohammad Ali Contact 1748517252. The total number of families is 700 with a population of 4300.
3. Village Vet Khali, under the union Ramzan Nagar is with a population of 3589. Contact person: Zillur Rahman 01711168168 & Aminur Rahman 01717583520.
4. Village Kanthal Baria has 207 households with 888 inhabitants. Contact person: Majed Gazi Contact 01943165516.
5. Village Sankarkhati has 529 households with 2155 inhabitants. Contact person: Bimol Sarkar 01725570061
6. Village Gobindapur has 796 households with a population of 3269 inhabitants. Contact person: Reselat Hossain. Contact 01720596123
7. Village Khutikata has 176 households with 775 inhabitants. Contact person: Mansur Morol Contact 01927550051.

Partner Organizations

Rotary Club of Dhaka, Rotary Club of Shatkhira Royal


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Running since: 2022
Fund Needed: $13,500

Fund Raised: $


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Shatkhira, Khulna, Bangladesh

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