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Project Details:

Shourov Memorial Scholarship will be a joint project by Lubdhok07 foundation and SpandaanB Austin. Shourov Memorial Scholarship is one of the key projects of the Lubdhok07 foundation. The scholarship aims to commemorate Abu Asrar Shourov who passed away during the final semester in a tragic accident in the Dr. M. A. Rashid hall. Shourov Memorial Scholarship aims to assist financially challenged students with monthly stipend and mentors. The scholarship is aimed for undergraduate level students at universities. However, college (grade 11-12) students are also considered on a case by case basis.


The scholarship was launched for the first time during the 2021-22 session. There were a total of 42 applicants and 14 of them were selected for scholarships.

The number of applications for the 2022-23 session was 96, and 25 applicants were preliminary selected. Currently background verification and interview processes are ongoing.

Scholarship Application and Selection Process:
Students can apply both online and offline. After the application deadline, the following steps are taken to review and select applicants.
Each application is reviewed by two reviewers. Reviewers judge the scholarships based on educational, financial, familial and privilege conditions. They also provide an overall score.
If the scores provided by the two reviewers are out of a predefined threshold, a third reviewer is assigned.
Next, applicants are shortlisted based on review scores and their information is verified.
After verification, Lubdhok07 conducts a short interview of the applicants to finalize the recipients based on available funding.
The scholarship is awarded to the applicants for one year. Each recipient is attached with one mentor to provide guidance and to keep track of progress. Scholarship recipients are required to reapply every year and are judged based on their progress and mentor feedback.

Report Process:
Each student is required to submit their result sheets. Each student is also assigned a mentor. The mentors contact their students regularly and provide feedback on their progress. From session 2022-23, quarterly mentor reports will be mandatory to formally track student progress.

Budget details:
Each student receives a 4,000/- monthly stipend, which is 48,000/- per year.
For the 2022-23 session, there will be a separate application process to cover one time costs, such project costs of Architecture majors. Currently there is a 50,000/- budget for such one-time costs which will be awarded as a need and urgency basis.

Funding details
Sponsors who want to commit for the cost of one student can pay monthly, quarterly or annually. One time donations are also accepted. The scholarship is disbursed every month from Lubhdok07 bank account.

The 2021-22 session was funded by 13 sponsors who funded one student each, and other one time donations. For the 2022-23 session, Lubdhok07 has confirmed 14 sponsors for 14 applicants, and is working to obtain funding for the other 11 applicants.

Partner Organizations

Lubdhok07 foundation is a voluntary, non-profitable, non-governmental, non-political, and charitable organization. The organization was formed by the alumni of Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) batch 2007 as a common platform for lending their professional expertise and experience to serve Bangladesh. The foundation began its journey during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

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