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Overwhelming majority of the population of Bangladesh lives in villages. Most of the villagers are poor and struggle immensely to earn their living. Living condition is sub-standard. Educational institutes and infrastructures are in dire conditions, if present at all.

SpaandanB Austin has joined Rotary club of Dhaka to initiate and facilitate some development projects in donor sponsored villages across Bangladesh.

The objective of this project is to provide financial help:

  1. To needy villagers for them to invest in some income generating projects. Examples of these projects could be developing fisheries, cow/goat rearing, poultry farming, setting up shops etc.
  2. To provide scholarships to meritorious and/or needy students.
  3. To provide money to poor villagers to build/rebuild their houses, sanitary bathrooms, tube wells etc.
  4. To provide money to improve Primary School, High School, roads, bazaar etc.

Case Study: Few thousand villagers live in Maijhati and its surrounding villages in Mymensing. “Sponsor a Village-Maijhati” is a specific donor supported project. Schools are founded, roads are built and houses are fixed. Funds are provided to many families to start fisheries, shops, poultry farming and cow/goat rearing. Meritorious and/or needy students are given scholarships. A village bazaar has been started to help economic activities.

It is a good example of how a donor can organize a project in donor’s own village through SpaandanB Austin and Rotary Club of Dhaka.

Partner Organizations

Rotary Club of Dhaka, was chartered in February 26th, 1938. The club organizes many humanitarian projects in the many villages of Bangladesh.


Donate to this project using the credit card or PayPal:

To donate with a check, please send a check payable to SpaandanB to:

SpaandanB Austin
7111 Avignon Dr.,
Round Rock, TX 78681, USA.

More Information

For donors in the United States, your donation is fully tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

SpaandanB is a 501(c)(3) organization and the tax id for SpaandanB is 77-0479128.

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Project Summary

Running since: 2012
Fund Raised: $


Project Location

Maijhati, Mymensing, Bangladesh


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