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Project Details:

Run by a new generation of Bangladeshis (university students), Chayatal Bangladesh operates 4 slum area schools in Shyamoli, Keraniganj and Gabtoli, Dhaka. This is similar to our own SpaandanB School.
While they raise operational funds for their schools, they also raise funds for clothes, food, new year school supplies etc. The purpose of this project is for SpaandanB Austin to raise special focus funds to assist them in specific needs.
This project will also include assisting, supervising and validating High School children in Austin in raising funds and raising awareness on poverty alleviation.


We will be raising funds for Chayatal for food, medical supplies, clothing and school supplied for students and their families. The fund can be used immediately.

This project will especially include High School students of the Austin community to get involved in charitable efforts.

SpaandanB Austin will run fundraising campaigns to raise funds. This will include:
High school fundraise via crowdfunding
Social media fundraising
Individual fundraising
The fund will be sent and distributed at a school event immediately.

2023 Budget Details:
1 day Food: $2 (BDT 200)
1 New dress, shirt, pant: $6 (BDT 600)
1 year School supplies with backpack: $7 (BDT 700)
1 Medical visit and medication for a student and family: $10 (BDT 1000)

Unit Type: Food, Clothing, School supplies and Medical supplies for youth and families across 4 schools
Unit Cost: $25 per student and family
Total units: 250
Total cost: $6250
Total Budget for raising funds, with exchange rate gap and with some extra funds for extra students or any incidental costs : $9,000

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Partner Organizations

Chayatal Bangladesh provides free and quality education to the deprived children in Bangladesh.


Donate to this project using the credit card or PayPal:

To donate with a check, please send a check payable to SpaandanB to:

SpaandanB Austin
7111 Avignon Dr.,
Round Rock, TX 78681, USA.

More Information

For donors in the United States, your donation is fully tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

SpaandanB is a 501(c)(3) organization and the tax id for SpaandanB is 77-0479128.

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Project Summary

Running since: 2023
Fund Raised: $


Project Location

Dhaka, Bangladesh

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