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Most of the schools in Bangladesh don’t have computer labs to augment and facilitate education. The problem is more acute in schools outside the main cities. Having computer labs can expose students to the modern way of learning. It can also make the education more enjoyable and the students better prepared for a life where computers are now integral parts.

D.Net (Dhaka, Bangladesh) has a project with Ministry of Science and Information & Technology of Bangladesh Government where donation from Non Resident Bangladeshis (NRBs) and grant from Bangladesh Government are used to setup Computer Literacy Centers (CLC). SpaandanB Austin has joined hands with D.Net to setup Computer Literacy Centers (CLC) at high schools all over Bangladesh.
Each computer lab contains:
* 4 new brand-name laptop computers
* 1 printer
* Other computer peripherals
* Structured curriculum
* Teachers’ guide
* Internet with 1-year prepaid fee
* Training of two teachers
* Incentive remuneration for teachers and a students who are assist teachers after completing each batch of training
* One-year maintenance contract

SpaandanB Austin’s 2011 installed labs are:
1. Hazera Talukder Balika Bidyalaya, Potuakhali : Photos
2. Maijhati High School at Mymensingh : Photos
3. Harish Chandrapur High School at Dinajpur : Photos
4. Yakub Ali High School at Faridpur : Photos
5. Rays of Hope Shelter at Savar, Dhaka : Photos

SpaandanB Austin has installed 25 additional computer labs in 2012!

SpaandanB Austin’s 2012 labs are:
01. Camellia Duncan Foundation School, Sylhet : Photos
02. Talbaria Bahumukhi Secondary School, Jessore : Photos
03. Hi Care School, Dhaka : Photos
04. Dhanpota High School, Jessore : Photos
05. Latifa Siddiqi Girl’s High School, Chittagong : Photos
06. Nandina Model Academy, Jamalpur : Photos
07. Bauphal Adarsho Balika Biddyalaya, Potuakhali : Photos
08. Bauphal Maddhyamic Biddyalaya, Potuakhali : Photos
09. Chalkjhagru High School, Chapai Nawabganj : Photos
10. Ranihati Multilateral School, Chapai Nawabganj: Photos
11. Krishna Gobindapur School, Chapai Nawabganj: Photos
12. Hasandandi High School, Chittagong : Photos
13. Quaish High School, Chittagong : Photos
14. I.E.S. School & College, Dhaka : Photos
15. Bauria G. K. Academy, Chittagong : Photos
16. Ayesha Obayed Girls High School, Chittagong : Photos
17. Alinagar High School, Chapai Nawabganj : Photos
18. Chandpara High School, Jessore : Photos
19. Patibila Hazi Shahjahan Ali HighSchool, Jessore: Photos
20. Captain Shamsul Huda High School, Chittagong: Photos
21. Dr. Abdul Quader Dakhil Madrasah, Rajbari : Photos
22. East Jalabari Adarsha High School, Pirojpur : Photos
23. Sonavori Model High School, Kurigram : Photos
24. Atrai High School, Naogaon : Photos
25. Begum Sufia Model High School, Gazipur : Photos

The 2013 sponsored schools are:
01. Pungali Model High School, Pabna
02. Trimohini Girls High School, Jessore
03. Deara Secondary School, Satkhira
04. Baisa-Chandpur Secondary School, Jessore
05. Ekhlaspur High School, Chandpur
06. BK Das Secondary Girls School, Satkhira
07. Shatani Bhadra Collegiate School, Satkhira
08. Kuripaika High School, Potuakhali
09. Atia Union Adarsha Girls’s High School, Tangail
10. Imam Hossain High School, Mymensing

Organization Description:

About D.Net: D.Net (, a non-profit organization, promotes knowledge and usage of computers and information technology among the underprivileged youths in Bangladesh . As of August 2010, 119 CLCs and 38 Associate CLCs has been established in 52 districts, 322 teachers (17% female) were trained, and above 38,000 (Thirty Eight Thousand) students successfully completed a hands-on 40 hours course.
D.Net Presentation.


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Multiple districts, Bangladesh

Project Coordinator:
Ahsan Kabeer Palash
Tahsin Askar