SpaandanB follows the following steps for any project:

The respective committee tries to find donors for the project. Each project is supported by donations from project donors. Anyone can become a project donor by donating to SpaandanB. SpaandanB monitors the project, reviews progress and reports back to the donors. If progress is acceptable, SpaandanB funds the project further and helps it to grow.

SpaandanB follows the following steps for any project:

  • Review and selection of projects by chapter
  • Project approval by the Central Executive Committee
  • Monitor the progress of projects by chapter
  • Encourage visiting funded projects

After a project is evaluated by the new project evaluation committee, approved by the Central EC and approved for funding, the project is handed over to the respective sector committee to run the project.

Projects must comply with certain requirements before SpaandanB funds them. These requirements include:

  • Projects must be related to the health, development, or education sectors.
  • Projects must benefit the needy people in Bangladesh.
  • Projects must be organized and operated by a trustworthy individual, group or NGO.
  • The beneficiaries of each project will be native Bangladeshis living in Bangladesh.
  • Each project must have two liaisons, one from the USA and the other one from Bangladesh.

SpaandanB monitors projects very carefully and regularly to ensure that the generous donations from our project donors are used properly. Every six months, SpaandanB reviews the projects and focus on how the disbursed funds were used and how it helped the beneficiaries. SpaandanB Executive Committee members also visit project sites to acquire first-hand knowledge about the projects and verify the reported progress.