SpaandanB Austin Service Day and Dinner

Saturday, Oct 19th, 2019

We held our SpaandanB Austin Service Day Dinner for project updates, discussions and brainstorming sessions on Saturday, Oct 19th, 7PM – 10PM (Facebook event ). While this was not a fundraising event, we reflected on our past projects and looked into the projects in the upcoming year. We discussed and shared ideas in sponsoring a project in your own area in Bangladesh or participate in our other projects including local charitable projects.


The Service Day Dinner followed a day of service to give back to the community that we live in.


As part of SpaandanB Austin Service Day, 7:45 AM to 3 PM we volunteered with Habitat for Humanity. This was something similar to an earlier event this year when we participated in a painting job with Habitat (photos from earlier event).

Habitat event on Facebook.


Thank you for making this day of service a fulfilling and gratifying experience together.