Updated Profile 2012

Parvez Ahmed

Year Arrived at Rays of Hope: 2004

Age: 11+

Dream:  To become a doctor one day.

Parvez’s Favorites: Rice, Bhuna Khichuri, Beaf, Tom & Jerry, football, cricket, to play for long times in the field. Parvez likes to read, especially poetries.

Background:  Parvez used to live in Shishu Polli Plus with his mother. When the mother was released from Shishu Polli, she had no where else to go or did not know where to place her son. Parvez’s mother is a little retarded, cannot pursue long-term employment anywhere. That is when she came to know of Rays of Hope (ROH) and ROH took Parvez in 2004. He does not have a father to take care of them (died) and their family is originally from Munshiganj.

Parvez Today:  Parvez is in grade 5 at Agrani School situated in Bank Town, Savar. Parvez started out as a weak student overall, but fortunately with his good efforts he is making encouraging progress with time.  At the end of grade 5 he will officially complete his Primary level education.

Extra-Curricular:  Parvez has already completed reading the Holy Quran once.  He is attending computer classes regularly. He can comfortably operate all the basic functions, and learning a new thing everyday, especially internet browsing and e-mail under strict supervision.  He loves to play games and sports. Football is his most favorite. Parvez also can be quite mischievous, but showing signs of maturity slowly.

Tanha Akhter Shoshi

Year Arrived at Rays of Hope: 2009

Age: 4 Yrs.

Dream: Not old enough to have one.

Shoshi’s Favorites: She like Bhuna Khichuri like most kids at ROH.

Background:  Shoshi’s mother is very ill, to the point that a regular life and employment is beyond her. The father left the family. Shoshi’s mother went through a legal process via Ain O Shalish Kendro to obtain her rights. She had a difficult time taking care of Shoshi and her brother. Ain O Shalish Kendro contacted ROH and ROH decided to take Shoshi in.

Shoshi today: She used to be very quiet until recently, but she is beginning to open up and communicate with others in recent times. Shoshi likes to attend school but a little naughty in class.

Extra-Curricular:  Shoshi loves to play games like all the children of ROH, and likes to sing songs.


Asma Akhter

Year Arrived at Rays of Hope (ROH): 2004

Age: 10+

Dream: Asma likes to be a school-teacher one day.

Asma’s Favorites:  Rice and fish, chatting with friends, Thakurmaar Jhooli, make-up/dress-up.

Asma’s Background:Asma’s mother lived in Shishu Polli Plus (SPP) as a destitute woman. Soon after she was released from SPP, she became significantly ill and needed help for her children, and that is when Asma was taken in at ROH.

Asma Today:  Asma is attending 5th grade of Agrani School of Bank Town. Her academic performance is average. Asma is a very sensitive, impressionable girl-gets hurt and depressed easily. She needs a whole lot of attention and affection. All the staff, teachers and her friends are aware of her needs and pay attention to her needs. When happy, she can be very pleasant and positive and enjoys studies and play.

Extra-Curricular: Asma likes singing, dancing and loves to perform in cultural programs. She also enjoys dressing up for those programs. Asma is a good learner in computer classes. Asma has completed reading the Holy Quran.


Rina Akhter

Arrived at Rays of Hope (ROH): 2007

Age: 9+

Dream: To become a nurse one day.

Rina’s Favorites: Singing, Dancing, Easop’s Fables, Reading, Rice and Meat.

Background:  Rina does not have a father, her mother works as a domestic help. Rina has two other siblings and her mother could not cope with three children’s responsibilities and placed Rina at ROH.

Rina Today:  Rina is in 5th grade. She is a good student. Rina is probably the most well-behaved child in ROH, very sweet temperament.  Rina loves to read, sing, and dance and not shy to perform.  Rina is also attending computer classes and has finished Arabic lessons, completed reading the holy Quran.


Saiful Islam

Arrived at Rays of Hope (ROH): 2006

Age: 9+

Dream: To become a pilot, travel all around the world.

Favorites: Bhuna Khichuri, Beaf, Meena Cartoons, Playing, Chess, Carom, Football, Cricket, Reading.

Background: Originally from Manikgonj.  Saiful’s parents are blind and unable to take care of him and his two brothers. The other two brothers are also at ROH.

Saiful Today:  Saiful studies in grade 4.  He used to be sickly until 2 years ago and his growth was very slow. With proper intervention, his health condition is improving slowly and his physical growth is catching up with his age. Saiful is a very naughty and intelligent boy, very pleasant personality. He enjoys studies and his performance is average. He likes to play more.

Extra-Curricular: He is beginning his computer lessons.


Saddam Hossain

Arrived at Rays of Hope (ROH): 2006

Age: 10

Dream: To become a doctor one day.

Favorites: Polao/Beaf, cartoon especially Mickey-Mouse, Playing with friends, Reading Books, Chess.

Background:  Saddam Hossain is Saiful Islam’s brother and Saddam has the same story like that of his brother.

Saddam Today:  Saddam studies in grade 4.  Saddam is an average student but very intelligent. He is also very naughty but slowly becoming more disciplined.

Extra-Curricular:  Saddam loves to play and loves to participate in games and activities. He also draws well and makes nice paintings. He is getting ready to join the computer classes. Saddam is also doing well in Arabic classes.


Moumita Banu

Arrived at Rays of Hope (ROH): 2007

Age: 9+

Dream: To become a nurse one day.

Moumita’s Favorites:  Reading story books, Cartoons, Carom, Ludo, Polao and Meat, Singing.

Moumita’s Background: Moumita does not have a father.  Her mother is a domestic help.

Moumita Today: Moumita is reading in grade 4.  She is a good student and enjoys her school. Mounita has a very pleasant personality, always a smiley face.

Extra-Curricular:  She is going to join the next batch of computer learners.  She reads and writes Arabic very well.


Rahima Akhter (Choiti)

Arrived at Rays of Hope (ROH): 2007

Age: 8

Dream: To be a doctor one day.

Choiti’s Favorites: Polao, Meat, Reading, Cartoons, Ludo, Carom.

Choiti’s Background:  Her parents were destitute and ill when she came to ROH. Her father passed away 13 months ago. Her mother is a domestic help.

Choiti Today: Choiti reads in grade 3. She is a very good student. Choiti is one of the best-behaved children of ROH. She is quiet but always a smiley-face. Choiti enjoys all kinds of activities the children are exposed to at ROH.

Extra-Curricular: Choiti is a good painter and enjoys drawing.