Project Description:
Millions in Bangladesh are frequently hit by natural and man-made calamities every year. These include natural calamities like flood, monga, cold wave etc as well as man-made calamities like fires, violence, displacements etc. SpaandanB Austin tries to help the victims in scope defined by affected area, fund required, distribution and partner logistics.

 There are existing emergency projects that are conducted already to address victims of calamities. These include Winter Blanket, Flood etc.

Natural calamities like cyclone and flood affect millions of people every year. SpaandanB helps the victims by raising funds and distributing them among the victims under emergency needs.

SpaandanB Austin helps victims during winter by raising fund and providing winter blankets every year under Winter Blanket project. Winter Blanket Project

SpaandanB Austin helps victims in the recent past under Flood Relief and Emergency Medical Care through SAFE. Flood Relief with SAFE

SpaandanB Austin collected and shipped clothes through Boeing Humanitarian project. Boeing Humanitarian Project

SpaandanB Central helped victims of Monga by raising fund and distributing them to the victims in the past. Central’s Monga 2005 project

SpaandanB Central has more on their Emergency Projects page: SpaandanB Central Emergency Projects 

Organization Description:
SpaandanB Austin tries to gather information on a partner organization (NGO) in Bangladesh to conduct these projects. Alternatively, when possible, SpaandanB Dhaka will try to conduct the project if the partner organization is not available.