Project Description:
In this pioneering project, SpaandanB Austin has joined hands with D.Net (Dhaka, Bangladesh) and Ministry of Science and Information & Technology of Bangladesh Government to set up Smart Class Rooms (SCRs) at high schools all over Bangladesh. Smart Class Room embodies a new way of teaching students using audiovisual aids.

 A SCR is equipped with a solar-powered 32″ monitor connected to a laptop computer. Teachers use CDs, which are developed based on textbooks, and detailed lesson plans as teaching aids.

A video introduction of SCR: Smart Classroom Video

SCR Components:
* A 32 inch or larger monitor in a classroom
* One IPS for the monitor
* A laptop with extended-charge battery
* Interactive CDs for English, Math, Geography & Science
* Training of the teachers
* One-year maintenance contract

Total cost to set up an SCR is $3988 (Sponsor Donation: $1100 and Bangladesh Govt provides $2888). Govt grant is used to buy all the hardware, training material related expenses, and part of the teacher training cost and the donor contribution is used to cover for all direct and indirect labor, all form of travels, labor part of training etc.

SpaandanB Austin’s 2012 installed SCRs are:
1. Dhanpota High School, Jessore: Photos
Sponsor: UT BSA and Ahsan Kabeer
2. Captain Shamsul Huda High School, Chittagong: Photos
Sponsor: Shams Siddiqi
3. Latifa Siddiqi Girl’s High School, Chittagong: Photos
Sponsor: Shams Siddiqi
4. Ranihati High School, Chapai Nawabganj: Photos    Sponsor: Sponsor: Yasmeen Ali Deepa

SpaandanB Austin’s 2011 installed SCRs are:
1. Maijhati High School at Mymensingh: Photos
2. Yakub Ali High School at Faridpur : (pictures are not available yet)

Organization Description:

About D.Net: D.Net (, a non-profit organization, promotes knowledge and usage of computers and information technology among the underprivileged youths in Bangladesh. As of August 2010, 119 CLCs and 38 Associate CLCs has been established in 52 districts, 322 teachers (17% female) were trained, and above 38,000 (Thirty-Eight Thousand) students successfully completed a hands-on 40 hours course.
D.Net Presentation.