Project Description:

SpaandanB is pleased to announce that with collaboration of Boeing Bangladeshi employees, another opportunity has come to send help materials from United Sates to Bangladesh. As part of the “Humanitarian Delivery Flight Program”, Boeing authority has gracefully permitted us to ship help material on board a delivery flight of Emirates Airlines.

The flight will leave end of November-2012 and all the materials need to reach Washington collection center by mid November.

We are urging you to step forward to make best use of this opportunity by donating your used clothes for the cold-stricken disadvantaged people of Bangladesh. Once the materials will reach Bangladesh SpaandanB Bangladesh Office will take the responsibility of distributing it among the beneficiaries. We did a similar event successfully in 2011 and for details of the distribution process, please click here. For a summary video of 2011 event, please click here.

You can directly mail your donation box to Washington collection center. If there is a local drive going on, you can drop by your local collection center on the designated date and time.

Things Accepted For Donation :

  1. Winter clothes (Jackets, Sweaters, Coats etc.) for adults and children.
  2. Children clothing (Shirts, Pants, Tops etc.)
  3. Saris, Salwar-Kamij for women
  4. Kids small toys (Stuffed animals, Non-battery operated toys)
  5. Kids picture books (Kindergarten level), Stationaries (pens, pencils, markers, rulers, erasers, sharpeners etc.) and back-packs

Please make sure that donated items are in good condition and properly cleaned. clothes need to be folded.

Greater Austin Collection Center, Date and Time :

  • Location:
    7111 Avignon Drive, Round Rock, TX 78681
    (Tel: Masud Khandker – 512 422 3308 )
    Sunday: Nov 4th, 9AM-1PM
  • Volunteers will be available to accept your donation materials and box them properly.

    We will appreciate if you make a small donation to cover the overall mailing and distribution cost.

If You Want To Directly Mail Your Donation :

Address of Washington Collection Center

  • Greyhound Bus Lines
    3201 SMITH AVE STE 103
    Everett, WA 98201
  • Telephone Numbers:
    Main: (425) 252-2143
    Greyhound Package Express: (425) 339-1514

Date by when your donation should reach Washington

November 14, 2012

Box Information

  1. Box weight should not exceed 40lbs
  2. Box Height should not exceed 48 inch
  3. Please put a clearly visible serial number on all your boxes. Each coordinator will be assigned with a specific range of numbers. As for an example, a range of 100-299 can be assigned to a particular center. In that case the boxes need to be numbered starting from 100 for that center.
  4. Please try to sort the materials in “winter clothes”, “Sari-Salwar-Kamij”, “children clothes”, “toys”, “school-supplies” and try not to mix these types in the same box. It will be greatly appreciated if you put a sticker on the box describing the type of materials inside. This will immensely help the sorting process in Bangladesh.
  5. Please keep a tally of how many boxes you shipped and which box contains what type of materials. You need to email this information to once you make the shipment to Washington.

Helpful Information

For surface mail rates, following sites can become handy

Boxes can be purchased from –

  • Home Depot size = (18″ x 18″ x 24″) and price = $1.36/box
  • Office Deport size = (20″ x 13″ x 12″)

Organization Description:
Boeing, its airline customers, and non-profit organizations are working together to help people all over the globe through our Humanitarian Delivery Flights (HDF) program. Through this program, humanitarian items; such as medical supplies, clothing, and educational materials, are loaded into the empty cargo space of new airplanes being delivered and transported to a customer’s home destination.